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How to Involve Consumers in Health and Medical Research

A step-by-step guide for organisations, researchers, consumers and funders.

30 minutes
Consumer and Community Involvement in Health Research

Interactive course explaining community participation, involvement and engagement.

30 minutes
Consumer and Community Involvement and Grant Writing

Learn how to include consumer and community involvement in grant writing.

30 minutes
Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in Australia

A TransCelerate Mutually Recognised ICH GCP E6 Investigator Site Training.

4.5 hours
Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Refresher

This is an abbreviated course for participants who have already undertaken full GCP training.

90 minutes
Health Economics: Application to Research

Gain a comprehensive understanding of health economics and its context.

90 minutes
Health Economics: Cost Effectiveness for Clinical Trials

Understand the steps required to estimate incremental cost-effectiveness of the intervention.

90 minutes
Help the Biostatistician Help You

Get prepared before meeting biostatistician and understand the common languages used in statistics.

30 minutes
Guide to HeSANDA and Health Data Australia

Learn how to find and navigate Health Data Australia.

15 minutes
Introduction to Health Research

Understand the stages of planning and executing health research.

90 minutes
Literature Searching and Management V.2

Learn how to conduct a literature search with a systematic approach.

60 minutes
A Practical Guide to Critical Appraisal

Understand what is meant by critical appraisal of a scientific publication.

90 minutes
Research Governance Service (RGS): A Researcher’s Guide

Learn how to navigate the RGS.

120 minutes
Research with People Who Experience Mental Health Illnesses

Conducting ethical and effective research with individuals experiencing psychotic disorders.

60 minutes
The Essentials of Writing a Research Protocol

Understand the structure and contents of a research protocol.

90 minutes
Lung Health in First Nations Children: Module 1

Engage effectively with First Nations families when it comes to the respiratory health of their children.

90 minutes
Lung Health in First Nations Children: Module 2

Diagnosis of asthma and the use of spirometry to diagnose respiratory disease.

90 minutes

Group Enrolments Can Be Arranged

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What participants say about RETProgram courses:

Peter Thompson


Excellent overview on GCP with stimulating method of presentation. Held my interest throughout.

GCP Course Participant

The presentation was extremely clear, as was the distinction between international standards, Australian requirements and laws relevant to Western Australia.

B. Lee Fyfe

Royal Perth Bentley Group

I have found it to be invaluable, particularly as it is a resource that can be accessed at a time that is most suitable for the user, I can refresh on any of the components that I have already completed if I need to.

Melanie Wright

South Metropolitan Health Service

I would strongly advocate the [GCP] training to any novice researcher to do as early as possible! The modules and content are very easy to navigate and very user-friendly. Thank you for making this freely available – a great resource.

Leisha Aberle

East Metropolitan Health Service

Best aspects of the CCI course: The interactive nature of the content, engaging and informative videos which highlighted the topic key points and the well spoken and engaging tone of the presenter's voice.

Tess Evans

South Metropolitan Health Service

CCI course: Creative, bright and engaging, multimodal. real word examples as well as some 'out of the box' metaphors such as the dangers of second hand reports