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Terms of Use:

By using this website and eLearning program you agree to the following terms of use. These terms of use may be updated from time to time without notice. We recommend that you carefully read the information provided on every visit to the site.

1. What information do we collect?

This site collects and uses a record of your visit and logs of information for statistical purposes. This may include the user’s IP address, date and time of visit to the site, topics accessed and completed, documents downloaded, and type of browser used. This information is analysed to determine the site’s usage statistics and improve the program. No attempt will be made to identify an individual user’s browsing activities except where a law enforcement agency exercises a warrant enforcing us to do so.

The types of personal information we may collect when creating a user account include:

  1. Your full name and other details, including:
  2. Where relevant, the name of your employer or educational institution
  3. Your role within your employer or educational institution
  4. Where relevant, your location, including your country and the state or territory in which you live
  5. Your level of health/medical experience
  6. How you initially learned about our services
2. How do we use your information?

We utilize your personal information for various purposes aimed at enhancing your experience and the quality of our services. These include:

  1. Generating reports for our stakeholders to better understand participant engagement with our services.
  2. Improving our service to you, such as offering the option to resume a course from where you left off previously.
  3. Issuing certificates of completion to users who successfully pass assessments.
  4. Providing participating organisations with lists of staff who have registered and/or completed assessments for staff credentialing and organisational accreditation.
  5. Notifying you of updates and new learning materials as they become available.
  6. Occasionally using aggregated statistical data, which does not contain personal information, to assist in the management and evaluation of eLearning topics.

Rest assured that we handle your personal information with the utmost care and adhere to privacy regulations to ensure its security and confidentiality.

3. Do we use cookies or other tracking technologies?

Yes, we utilize cookies and other tracking technologies to enhance your experience, making it better, faster, and safer. For instance, we employ cookies to ensure that our website remembers you for your next visit.

It's important to note that allowing us to create a cookie does not grant us access to the rest of your computer, and we do not utilize cookies to monitor your online activity once you leave our site. Cookies are solely readable by the server that placed them and cannot execute any code or viruses.

In addition to cookies, we also collect general information about your visit to our website. This information is not used to personally identify you but may include details such as your server address, the date and time of your visit, the pages you accessed, and the type of internet browser you use. This aggregated data serves the purposes of system administration, generating statistics on website usage, and enhancing the content of our website.

4. Notifying Data Security Incidents

In accordance with the Privacy Act Amendment known as the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Act 2017, RETProgram is obligated to inform specific individuals and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner regarding 'eligible data security incidents.' An incident qualifies as eligible if it has the potential to cause significant harm to any of the individuals associated with the personal or sensitive information. RETProgram will conduct an unbiased evaluation to determine whether an incident is likely to result in substantial harm and will take appropriate action as per its response plan for data security incidents. For more details, please visit www.oaic.gov.au.

5. Withdrawal and Suspension of Access to Website

We may withdraw this website or access to it, permanently or temporarily for any reason including, without limitation, where there is an interruption, fault, virus, unauthorised access or other malicious attack on our system or where maintenance or upgrading of the system is required.

6. External Links

This site contains links to a number of other web sites. These are included on the basis that they contain content related to the training topic being accessed, and its associated activities. These links to other sites are provided for information and assistance only and should not be construed as an endorsement or approval of that site. A user who enters another website should refer to any terms applying to the use of those other sites.

When a user has clicked on a link to another website, they leave this site and this privacy and security statement does not apply to those websites.

How can you contact us about this notice?

If you have any questions or concerns about this content please contact us.

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